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How to Buy crypto on Blockvila P2P

Watch the Video above for step by step guide to buying crypto on Blockvila

There are two different ways to Buy crypto on Blockvila P2P.

  • Create your own BUY Advert for sellers to see and buy from you
  • Search for sellers adverts and buy from them 

 How to Buy from other sellers Adverts? 

Note: You need to verify the account before trading.

Step 1: 

From homepage, scroll down to Cryptocurrency market place and select buy. 

or Login to your dashboard and click on "P2P Exchange"

Step 2:

Select a trader within the limits you want to buy and with a price that satisfies you. Note: “Amount limits” is the minimum and maximum limit that the seller (ad creator) wants to trade. You can only trade within this limit. Payment method: Bank transfer. 

Step 3: Copy payment details of the trader from the trade page. Access your internet banking and pay seller through INSTANT TRANSFER. You must make payment within the specified time period. 

Step 4:

Press the [I have paid seller] after successful payment and wait for the seller to confirm. You will lose money if you don't press it. 

Note: Never Cancel the trade if you already paid. Because the trade cannot be reverted after completion. 

Step 5: Bitcoin will be sent to you via the wallet address provided.  

 How to Create a Buy Advert? 

Step 1: On your dashboard, select Create Buy Ad. 

Step 2: Set the price you want to buy, input the payment window, the minimum and total amount of coin you want to sell and your bank account details. 

Go through the notice at the bottom of the page. 

Step 3: Then, choose Create Buy BTC Ad 

Step 4: If you already have coins in Blockvila wallet, the trade will automatically change to the step of waiting the buyers making payment. If you dont have coins in Blockvila wallet, please deposit coins into the provided address (This is our coin address for doing safety transaction) 

Wait for the system make credit of your BTC. After it is confirmed, the trade will automatically change to the step of waiting the buyers making payment.  

Step 5: 

Wait for the buyer make payment and complete the trade